Party Wall

Party Wall Overview

We have broad knowledge and experience in acting as Party Wall Surveyors for both Building Owners and Adjoining Owners on both new build and refurbishment projects.  The Party Wall etc Act 1996 provides a process that parties must follow when undertaking works on party wall, or new foundations that will affect adjacent properties.

If you or your Clients are looking to carry out works near or adjacent to another building, we recommend you come to us early for advice.  Whether we’re appointed as Building Owner Surveyor or Agreed Surveyors, we have a large amount of experience in preparing both Notices and Awards required before the works can commence.

Building Owners are the parties who will be undertaking the works to their property. As your Party Wall Surveyor, we can assist in the process for you, reviewing your proposals, issuing compliant Notices to Adjoining Owners, liaising with other Surveyors and preparing a Party Wall Award in advance of the works.

If you’ve been served with a Party Wall Notice, or your neighbour has started work already without any formal Notice being given, knowing what your legal rights are can be confusing. As your Surveyor, we can act on your behalf and provide advice in relation to the proposed works, the Notices issued and the agreement of a Party Wall Award.

We can prepare a Schedule of Condition, which is then appended to the Party Wall Award.  This can act as a record of any defects and faults to the property, prior to any works being carried out, so both parties of aware of pre-existing damage before the works commence.