Dilapidations Overview

If you are either a Landlord or a Tenant with a commercial property, dilapidation costs can run into thousands of pounds. Cornerstone Building Surveyors, we have experience of acting for both landlord and Tenants in settling dilapidation claims. Dilapidation claims can be contentious and we would therefore strongly advise both parties to get dilapidations advice early.

We understand that your property is a financial and a business investment and want to get the best return on that investment.  This can only be achieved if the property is up to standard.  At the end of a lease it’s critical that the property is also brought back up to the required standard, ready for you to get the best possible income from the next leaseholder.

A Schedule of Dilapidations can provide the Tenants with a clear indication of the work that is required to meet their lease terms at the end of the tenancy.  We’ll thoroughly inspect your property, carrying out a detailed report of what work is needed, to return the property to the condition required by the lease. This Schedule will outline the various repairs, redecoration, reinstatement and statutory obligations required by the Tenants.

If you receive a Schedule of Dilapidations from a Landlord, we are able to act on your behalf to review the claim, provide advice and look to reduce by negotiation items that are not relevant.  We can give guidance on items of work that could be carried out prior to the end of the lease to decrease the financial cost.

During the lease or prior to the end of the term, we can inspect and review the level of dilapidations costs for a property.  These reports can be used for accounting purposes, but also assist with budgeting for the potential costs in the future and helping business planning.

For both Landlord and Tenants, we are able to provide support to have dilapidations works undertaken as part of a Contract Administration service. This helps Clients, whether Landlord or Tenants, to continue working on their business, whilst we assist with organising the works.