If you are either a Landlord or a Tenant with a commercial property, dilapidation bills can run into thousands of pounds. Both landlord and tenant have responsibilities around building maintenance and upkeep and here at Cornerstone Building Surveyors, we have experience of acting for tenants and landlords alike.

We’d therefore strongly advise both parties to get dilapidations advice early in the leasing process. We have a strong track record of handling dilapidations for both landlord and tenant and, we’ll always act in a fair and unbiased way, to ensure both parties are adhering to the liabilities and responsibilities of their lease agreement. We look to get the best possible outcome, regardless of whether we’re working on behalf of the landlord or tenant.

For Landlords

We understand that your property is a financial and a business investment. You want to get the best return on that investment – and you can only do that, if the property is up to standard. At the end of a lease it’s critical that the property is also bought back up to standard, ready for you to get the best possible income from the next leaseholder.

For Tenants

Cornerstone Building Surveyors can also act on behalf of Tenants, who have been served a Schedule of Dilapidations by their Landlords. These Schedules can have a large financial implication and we look to minimise the claim by negotiating with the Landlord on the issues that they raise in their Schedule.

As a landlord, why do I need a Schedule of Dilapidation?

Personally, you want a property that is going to be sound, both financially and structurally for you. You also have a legal obligation to ensure you’re providing a property that’s up to standard for your tenants too. Unfortunately, landlords can too often get stuck with expensive repair bills for their properties, due to the way a tenant has treated or altered a property during their lease. A Schedule of Dilapidation will help you clarify what work is needed, along with who is responsible for those repairs.

What does Cornerstone Building Surveyors provide for this service?

We’re able to prepare both uncosted and costed Schedule of Dilapidations for you, which can then be served on Tenants prior to the end of a lease. We’ll thoroughly inspect your property, carrying out a detailed report of what work is needed, to return the property to the condition it was in, prior to the current lease being taken out.

We’ll then negotiate with the Tenant, in a friendly and efficient way, to ensure settlement and/or rectification of the repairs as swiftly as possible.

As a tenant, what does a Schedule of Dilapidation mean for me?

We can undertake an assessment prior to the end of your lease, to provide you with details of the potential level claim that may be imposed by the Landlord. Knowing these costs in advance will enable you to budget and organise works, as well as enabling you to better negotiate with your landlord over liabilities and costs, thus helping you to potentially reduce the Landlord’s claim. We’ll ensure you’re not spending money on work that is over and above that which you need to contractually carry out, to return the property to the state it was in when you first rented it.

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