Licence to Alter (LTA)

Licence to Alter (LTA) Overview

We are able to provide guidance to Landlords in reviewing proposals from Tenants in respect of commercial premises before they are undertaken.  The lease will provide details on whether the Tenants need to seek approval from the Landlord in respect of changes to the property.

If a commercial lease states  the Landlord’s consent is required for alterations, it is standard practice for Landlords to document their consent in the form of a formal licence for alterations.  In order to support this Licence, we can provide a Licence to Alter (LTA) report.

Tenants will need to submit clear details of the works to be undertaken including drawings, specifications and information on statutory consents such as Planning and Building Regulations.

Depending on the works required at the property, some of the areas that would be reviewed are as follows:

  • Extent of the works and whether they are improvements
  • Impact on building operations
  • Reinstatement and dilapidations provisions
  • Health and Safety
  • Sustainability