Cornerstone Building Surveyors - Case Studies - Dilapidation Surveys - 9 Vallis Trading Estate, Frome

9 Vallis Trading Estate, Frome

Client NameWillowbrite

Acting on the instructions of the Landlords Agent, Willowbrite, we were instructed to prepare a Terminal Schedule of Dilapidations on the unit. Once the Schedule had been prepared and served on the Client, they decided to undertake the works before the end of the lease. Our role from this point was to monitor the works being undertaken by the Tenant and to ensure that they were being undertaken in line with the Schedule and the lease covenants. As part of our final inspection, we reviewed the quality of works and obtained all necessary documentation including electrical test certificates. The advantage of the Tenant having the works completed before the end of the lease is that is was ready to be placed back on the market.